Webinar: Cyberthreats are evolving. It’s time to consider human-led threat hunting

In this webinar, we delve into the dynamic landscape of cyber threats, underlining how attackers are ingeniously exploiting both security loopholes and legitimate IT tools to remain undetected. A critical takeaway is that while robust endpoint protection is vital, it isn’t a standalone solution against all cyber threats. The necessity of 24/7, human-led threat detection, investigation, and response is crucial in stopping sophisticated attacks.

For businesses aiming to enhance their cyber defense capabilities, we introduce ITC Service & Sophos and XDR (Extended Detection and Response). This tool offers comprehensive resources and telemetry, empowering businesses to swiftly pinpoint, investigate, and neutralize suspicious activities.

Additionally, we recognize that not all businesses can maintain 24/7 expert security monitoring. This is where ITC Service/ Sophos MDR (Managed Detection and Response) steps in as a leading solution. Staffed by a team of over 500 analysts, Sophos MDR offers relentless surveillance of your digital environment, swiftly responding to any signs of adversary activity to prevent potential harm.

The webinar will also cover the straightforward process of upgrading to Sophos XDR and MDR from existing Sophos Endpoint protection or other security systems. We’ll demonstrate how both solutions capitalize on telemetry from your current security investments to enhance threat detection and response, thereby improving your security ROI.

Attendees will gain insights into the crucial role of round-the-clock security operations and the features of Sophos XDR and MDR. This knowledge will empower businesses to make informed decisions about the solutions that best fit their needs and guide them on effective implementation strategies.

Join us to understand how managed threat protection can be pivotal in fortifying your business against ever-evolving cyber threats.


About Our Hosts


Jon Hope

Jon Hope is a professional keynote speaker and cyber threat landscape expert.  He works as the Senior Technology Evangelist at Sophos and brings a wealth of experience in endpoint protection best practices.


Connor Thomas

Connor Thomas is the Marketing Manager at ITC Service. He’s responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly on the webinar.  So fingers crossed it does, or he might be out of a job.

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