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Rubb Buildings rises to meet increase in storage shelter demands

In the run up to leaving the EU, many UK businesses are increasingly looking for facilities with agility and flexible storage space.

‘Build to suit’ storage solutions are key to companies being more efficient with available space and planning for the future. Businesses are also looking for the ability to be able to make structural alterations to accommodate forthcoming demands.

Rubb Buildings Ltd Managing Director Ian Hindmoor commented: “In the past two to three months the Rubb Buildings sales team have seen an increase in the requirement for temporary and smaller storage shelters. Another growing lead trend we have noticed is the option to rent structures over periods of 12 months to 60 months.

“Feedback from our customers suggests that they are planning for the future, to be able to maintain the flow of their production and fulfil the demand from their customers throughout these uncertain times. Rubb storage facilities provide an alternative and sustainable solution to traditional storage warehouses. To keep up with this ever-changing environment a semi-permanent fabric structure helps save on costs and is able to adapt to the changing requirements of the end user.”

According to the Economist, some companies, whose manufacturing processes rely on raw materials transferring between production facilities in different countries, are also talking about stockpiling. “Airbus says it has asked its suppliers to start “ramping up” their stock of components for its aeroplanes”. Meanwhile, according to the same article, material hoarders are ‘in the minority’. “Economy-wide data has revealed little evidence of firms preparing for “no deal”.” Industry leaders are again expressing uncertainty about the strength of demand after Brexit, and could be seeking to streamline investment in production moving forward.

However, as Brexit approaches, still with no deal on the table, industries could find that stockpiling becomes a necessity. Stockpiling requires large amounts of space, as we face a current shortage of warehousing. A greater shift towards online business means a greater demand and increased competition for cost effective, quality 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) storage space.

Ultimately flexibility, agility, capability and dependability will help support future outcomes in a Brexit environment. With Rubb, businesses can consider how to best use their existing space in order to remain agile in an ever-changing world. Flexible warehouse space provides businesses with many unique advantages. The benefits of Rubb buildings include fast design, manufacture and construction, with the flexibility to be adapted, modified, extended or relocated if needed. This allows clients to adapt quickly to change.

Ian added: “Flexibility is the key for warehousing moving forward. There continues to be a very high demand for warehousing, alongside falling development and availability. With a fall in warehouse vacancy rates we are finding our clients are looking to utilise the available land they have by creating custom designed fabric warehouse solutions to expand and enhance their temporary and permanent storage space options. Rubb warehouses can be quickly installed on site, but also can be modified, extended or even moved to suit changing operational needs.”

To learn more about Rubb Buildings’ agile solutions, click here.

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