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How to Raise Your Game on LinkedIn and Win More Business

Join the Department for International Trade (DIT) North East and Norma Foster for a free webinar, designed to give you the skills to enhance your LinkedIn profile to generate leads and create international business opportunities.

How much time do you spend on LinkedIn making connections and having conversations that go precisely nowhere?

Time is precious and although you know the power of LinkedIn already, you are still not sure where to start to take your LinkedIn profile and performance from Good to Great.

A really great LinkedIn profile can make all the difference between winning that sale or not and so we’ve created this workshop for you to achieve that. Norma Foster helps busy professionals get inspired, get your LinkedIn profile sorted and make it deliver results for you. We will be sharing her experiences, tips and tactics on how to:

  • Complete Your Highly Effective LinkedIn Profile
  • Profile and Target “A-List” Clients for Your LinkedIn Campaigns
  • Raise Your Visibility and Credibility as the Go-To Expert in Your Field
  • Generate Enough High-Quality Connections in your Network
  • Strengthen relationships and engagement
  • Post with purpose

We will help you to upgrade your profile and sharpen up your LinkedIn activity and results. In addition to the above we will work on how to:

  • Differentiate Yourself from the Competition and Define Your Niche
  • Optimise Your Profile for Maximum Visibility in LinkedIn and International Search Engines
  • Increase Quality Connections and Improve Communication
  • Use Advanced Search Techniques to Tap into a Regular Supply of Leads
  • Post Regular and Popular Content to Increase Your Reach and Reputation

This is a great opportunity to discover how to spend your time more wisely on LinkedIn to deliver better results for your business!

Delegates will also hear about the ‘Be More Digital: Boost your Export’ programme. A six-week online training programme designed to give you the skills to create and implement a successful digital strategy for your business. The free programme includes one-to-one mentor support from Norma, who will tailor advice and recommendations to suit your business needs.


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