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Celebrating 40 years of designing and manufacturing structures

Quality, reliability and performance are the key factors, when buying temporary or semi-permanent structures. The key advantage of local manufacturing is that none of this is left to chance.

In a market where aluminium or steel frames are bought in or manufactured outside of the UK, Rubb Buildings stands strong and has done for 40 years, designing and manufacturing our galvanised steel structures in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Whether it be 6m wide or 120m wide, every Rubb building is designed to site specific wind speeds and snow loading in regard to relevant British Standards.

To further differentiate Rubb structures, they are designed to accommodate the full weight of snow acting on the roof, unlike some other building providers. Some temporary building providers use elaborate methods to avoid having to design their framework to sustain these normal, Building Regulation required, design loads. Doing this makes a Rubb structure inherently stronger and a direct cost-effective replacement to a conventional structure.

To last the test of time and to fully release the potential of a modular building, adaptability and overall low life costings are key. A Rubb structure is designed in a way that whatever the size it can be dismantled and reconstructed over and over again in different locations. Doing this does not affect the quality or longevity of the structure. All structures are manufactured at the plant in Gateshead from raw steel then once fabrication is complete, all members are hot dip galvanised locally 3 miles from the factory, to eliminate any chance of corrosion which comes with at 25-year warranty.

Rubb has many examples over a 40-year period showing these qualities none more so than the Port of Tilbury. Their first building was 70m x 117m in 1990 for storage of timber imports. This quickly grew to over 56,000 square metres of Rubb warehouse space on the port. Since that time, these warehouses have been extended, relocated and modified to suit the changing needs of the end users and are still in use today.

A more recent example would be Princess Yachts. A UK leading yacht manufacture who bought a second hand Rubb structure dating back to 1989. After being located in a marine environment for 28 years, the building has been subjected to a number of harsh environmental elements. The building has recently received a light refurbishment which resulted in replacing the PVC cladding, making the building appear as new. The original galvanised steel frame was inspected and no corrosion had occurred and no repairs were needed. This is testament to Rubb quality manufacturing procedure here in the UK.

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