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AMF – Menopause, The Last Wellbeing Taboo?

When you work in a male-dominated workplace like manufacturing the need to educate your workforce about menopause may not be obvious.

Everyone will encounter menopause whether that’s directly or indirectly. It really does affect everyone.

Menopause can be seen and unseen. Think of your male colleagues who might be working in a male-dominated environment but go home to wives, partners, and girlfriends. What impact could menopause be having on them?

If you want to be an employer of choice, care about workplace well-being, good mental and want to retain your best people then learning about menopause is a must for all, and it doesn’t have to be boring.


11:00 – Arrival/AMF introduction

11:10 – Equinor – Tom Nightingale

11:20 – Miss Menopause, Sharon MacArthur – Why Menopause Matters!

12:10 – Q&A

12:20 – Lunch, followed by a site tour

1:00 – Close


Miss Menopause has been created to fill the void of educational services needed by working women as they reach menopause.

It’s currently estimated less than 10% of companies across the UK are educating their workforce about the symptoms and impact that menopause may bring.

Who is affected?


All reproducing women will go through menopause with the average age being 51, however, symptoms may begin many years before. Mental health issues can often arise due to menopause as well as a host of other symptoms. Everyone could be impacted by menopause in some way so best practice is to include everyone.


How might this affect me?


Millions of days are being lost to presenteeism, which is driving down productivity. So you won’t find data on this problem as it’s currently hidden. As our workforce ages, this is set to increase. This life event will affect everyone not just “women of a certain age”. Many men experience issues at home as relationships can break down due to the lack of information on the subject.


What is the answer?


You are invited to attend an interactive session to learn and understand what makes menopause a well-being and ED&I matter and have your questions answered.


Who should attend?


This session is open to everyone and yes that means men too. Menopause will affect us all in some way. So come along and find out how learning about menopause could help you in the workplace and your life in general.


Sharon MacArthur is the Owner of Red Handbag which she set up over 7 years ago. She works internationally with leaders in business, helping them to develop their leadership confidence through more effective communication strategies.


Miss Menopause was formed over 5 years ago in response to the lack of information about menopause in the workplace. Sharon works face-to-face and online around the country with organisations larger and small. She spends a lot of time working in manufacturing which is often still dominated by men. Often reluctant to come along some of her most profound feedback has been from men who have told her” it’s the best thing they have done in a very long time.”


She has appeared on BBC Breakfast, ITN News, Channel 5, and Victoria Derbyshire and is a regular on BBC Radio talking about the subject of menopause.


Here is what some men in manufacturing have said about her work


Excellent presentation and training, very informative. Generally, one of the most well-presented training courses I have ever been on.


I am now enlightened so much so I have been pretending to be an expert to our lass and my mam!


Generally has changed my way of thinking and opinion on the subject.


On a more serious note – we need to get our front line managers on the training


This is a very good session I believe for the men in the plant, this is a light topical session and not only links in factual information but also gets you thinking. In addition to that, there was nothing in the session that maybe men might not be so open to discuss


I wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for the session on Friday.


The content was fantastic full of energy, extremely engaging and thought provoking.


However what I didn’t expect was the emotional side – as husband, son and father of two daughters I have to confess I have been rather blind to this topic other than knowing it happens, with perceptions probably defined in a slightly out of date and misinformed frame.


So once again thank you for running the session which has started some unexpected (but positive) thought processes in the business collective mind and my own thought processes

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