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AMF Member, SafeSol, has made water wetter!

No, that is not a misprint!

Delta-T a surfactant based product that will change the properties of water. It can be dosed to any water based heating or chilled system to improve its energy efficiency. Experimental tests and case studies have shown 10-25% reduction in energy costs.

SafeSol is really excited as they have a new product Delta T on the market. Delta T is a chemical that can be added to any wet heating or chilled system which changes the properties of the water making the systems more energy efficient.
It works by making water wetter- water sits as a ball on a surface ( think of water on a window) and therefore it is not the best medium for conducting heat or cooling in a system. Water on a surface has a contact angle of over 90 degrees. Water plus Delta T has a zero contact angle which means the treated water gets into all the cracks and crevices of a heating or chilled water system means that a system will heat up or cool down quicker and stay hotter or cooler longer.
Trials were carried out with Durham Council in Crook Civic Centre that was monitored and energy reductions of 18% were achieved.
SafeSol has now applied for a patent on Delta T.
SafeSol is excited to work with forward-thinking companies to help them reduce their energy bills. Please contact them to discuss your requirements. They are currently looking for agents to work with us to sell Delta-T. They are also keen to work with more councils to help them meet their Net Zero targets.



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