AMF member Zenith People , a renowned recruitment service and training provider, has sought the services of fellow AMF member Tait Walker, a leading accountancy and business advisory firm.

The companies connected several years ago, when Alan Metcalfe, Commercial Director at Zenith People met Alastair Wilson, Partner at Tait Walker at an AMF networking event. Both companies also work together as AMF preferred suppliers and sit on the board of directors for the AMF.

Acknowledging Tait Walker’s successful reputation and range of services, Zenith People hired the firm as a strategic financial partner, as it underwent an important company re-structure into Zenith People and Zenith Training.

The partnership included splitting the current Zenith People business into two companies, Zenith People and Zenith Training. Splitting the business allows Zenith People to position its diverse service offering in a more concise way, demonstrating its extensive benefits as a recruitment agency and as a training provider to its clients.

With extensive experience of corporate finance, complex tax issues, internal corporate restructuring and strategic business advice, Tait Walker’s specialist knowledge aided in a smooth transitioning process, with the split finalised at the end of October 2018.

Following the split, Tait Walker is providing ongoing professional and tactical advice, to ensure that all processes are in line with accountancy practices and will afford Zenith People more internal control when handling accounts, as well as a strategic direction going forward.

Alan Metcalfe of Zenith People said of the collaboration: “Although we have only just entered into an agreement with Tait Walker, the support and advice we have received has been excellent. Tait Walker has not only provided genuine, specialist advice but proposed great options that can help Zenith People further develop as a business.
“I would also like to thank the AMF for providing us with the opportunity to meet reputable, professional businesses, it has been an excellent tool for networking and choosing companies when needing help approaching a new project.”

The AMF aims to provide members with as many business opportunities as possible, from facilitating initial meetings, to hosting networking events. Tait Walker and Zenith People’s recent business together is a great example of the opportunities available through AMF membership.

Alastair Wilson of Tait Walker said: “We really enjoy being part of the AMF, as both board members and preferred suppliers. More than 40% of our client base are in this sector and so it’s an excellent fit for us. Being able to help companies like Zenith People is a great benefit of being part of the network. It’s great to see lots of new opportunities for a great business.”

With both companies happy to be working together, Tait Walker and Zenith People believe this is the beginning of a long and successful working relationship and look forward to future opportunities.

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