“The AMF provides a valuable networking opportunity for organisations and encourages best practice sharing. I would highly recommend that other organisations in the area join the AMF as it offers a focused forum to engage with other manufacturing organisations in the community.” Eddie Czestochowski, Managing Director, Cell Pack Solutions


“The AMF always has relevant and interesting speakers at its monthly meetings, and I can get good links to other organisations. It’s a great opportunity for SME businesses to receive updates about the industry and receive advice about relevant topics and developments. It’s great networking.” Ralph Saelzer, Managing Director, Liebherr Sunderland Works Ltd


“From the AMF Marketing Club to its monthly meetings, we regularly attend the AMF’s events and find them an invaluable source of information and knowledge. I would strongly recommend that other North East manufacturers join the AMF as it provides a fantastic opportunity for networking and the sharing of best practice.” John Holmes, Managing Director, Reprotec


“I would recommend that other organisations join the AMF. The meetings provide a great opportunity to keep up to date with what is happening in the region and in the local business community. There are always interesting and relevant topics being discussed at the monthly meetings, which means you are always learning something new.” Peter Shiels, Quality  Manager, Phoenix Steel


“The AMF is a gateway to North East England’s wider manufacturing community and an excellent platform to promote our business, products and services. We have benefited greatly from networking at monthly meetings, increased our knowledge of marketing and gained industry insight shared by our fellow manufacturers.” Caroline Lofthouse, Business Development Manager, Hydraulic & Offshore Supplies


“Our membership with the AMF is a great way for us to network with local businesses and keep up to date with projects within the North East area.  The meetings are a good opportunity for us to widen our company exposure and increase our brand awareness, they are always very well organised and well attended events – we always attend to gain the most out of our membership.” Nicola Halse, Business Development Executive, Impeller Assurance & Resilience Ltd


“I really enjoy the AMF monthly meetings, they have provided my business with the chance to work and network with larger companies, and the AMF Marketing Club has interesting new ideas for all. We have been able to work with students, providing learning that has helped both the student and our team. Members are supportive and helpful, it is well worth the money and I’ll be renewing our membership next year!” Vicki Wilson, Managing Director, Safesol


“I like the AMF for bringing together local businesses for idea sharing and support. The monthly meetings and forums have taught us that many businesses face similar challenges. We have been able to harness others’ experience to work through realistic, manageable solutions. I recommend AMF membership for networking with a broad range of businesses to benefit from a wealth of experience and knowledge.” Chris Ainsley, Managing Director, ABS Precision Ltd


“We have been a member of the AMF for over 5 years because it offers us the chance to meet and work with local businesses who we otherwise may not have known. The AMF has helped us make valuable connections and expand our supply chain. The monthly meetings have been beneficial for our employees and they are managed professionally, covering topics that relate to a broad spectrum of business operations.” Dean Rowe, Group Commercial Director, SMH Products