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An AMF preferred supplier offers members a tailored benefits package. Preferred suppliers work in tandem with the AMF, to ensure members receive the best service and access to expertise.
Our current Preferred Suppliers are:


Benefits of becoming a preferred supplier


  • Access to AMF monthly meetings via presentation slots.
  • Dedicated news bulletin 4 times per annum.
  • Inclusion in a combined quarterly bulletin with other preferred suppliers.
  • Forum to update members on a new preferred supplier when they come on board – via the regular bulletin.
  • Display of a pop-up banner and literature at selected monthly meetings.
  • Logos placed appropriately on selected AMF stationery and e-mails.
  • A preferred supplier will be afforded the opportunity to host ‘satellite’ forum meetings such as a breakfast seminar that the AMF will assist in promoting to its members.
  • The AMF will promote the suppliers offering to any manufacturing companies it visits where they see the potential use for the service.
  • A preferred supplier will be advertised on the AMF website as such with links to their website

How to become a Preferred Supplier?

Preferred suppliers must be members or associate members of the AMF. Organisations who wish to be considered for preferred supplier status should contact the AMF to discuss their offer.

Please note, there is an annual cost to become a preferred supplier.

Terms and Conditions of being a preferred supplier

1.     It remains the responsibility of the preferred supplier to network, promote by their own means and gain the best possible return out of the arrangement. AMF can and will assist but will not act as the sole vehicle for carrying out the suppliers sales / marketing activity.

2.     Once the application has been approved and terms of the arrangement agreed, the preferred supplier will be asked to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with AMF.

3.     The initial preferred supplier arrangement will run for a period of 12 months from the date of the Memorandum of Understanding.

4.     Preferred Suppliers are asked to operate an ‘open book’ monitoring system which means that the Forum can verify the amount of commission payable to AMF.

5.     One month’s notice is required to terminate a preferred supplier agreement unless both parties agree to a shorter period of time.

6.     The Preferred Supplier fee will be refunded if the agreement is terminated. Please note, any refund will be pro-rated across the terms of the agreement e.g. If the agreement is cancelled in month six, five months will be refunded (the remaining time frame minus one month’s notice).

What to do next?

If you are interested in finding out more about our preferred suppliers, our forum meetings or how to become a member of the AMF, please call us on 0191 481 3480.



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