South Tyneside’s “Centre of Excellence” for UKAS calibrations.

Located In Jarrow in a laboratory owned and designed by ourselves to ensure clients work is done to UKAS specification, skilfully, expediently and at a competitive price.

TSL have the largest scope of accreditation for UKAS calibrations in the North East and therefore our clients requiring UKAS certification rarely need to go elsewhere.

Our “One Stop Shop” philosophy ensures a complete service is available ranging from our Mechanical Dimensional area which is extensively equipped, our Electrical Laboratory where a vast array of instrumentation is calibrated including 17th edition test kit. We calibrate most Torque devices from 0.1Nm to 1000Nm. We offer a Pressure/Vaccum and Temperature Calibration service all to UKAS our most recent addition to our schedule being Mass. TSL also have site accreditation for Surface Flatness, Optical Projectors and Temperature and Pressure Instrumentation.

We have many years experience in calibration contract management.



Harry Thompson




Unit 3 Rolling Mill Road, Viking Industrial Park, Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, NE32 3DP