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July Monthly Meeting


One of our best attended meetings of 2015, we invited NECC and South Tyneside Council to speak about the Northern Powerhouse and Northern Devolution

Pictured - The registration and networking prior to the meeting (Left), Ian Fawdon addressing the audience (Right)

As usual our meeting began with a half an hour sign in period so that our members could network with one another and have a spot of lunch before the presentations began.

The chairman of AMF, Ian Fawdon, started the meeting by giving our regular Manufacturers Round-Up. This is an opportunity for manufacturing members and guests to give a few words about how their company is currently doing to better paint a picture of the state of manufacturing in the region.

Pictured - James Ramsbotham, Chief Executive of the NECC (Left) and Cllr. Iain Malcolm, head of South Tyneside Council (Right)

Our first speaker was James Ramsbotham, the Chief Executive of the NECC. He began by presenting a video to celebrate 200 years of the North East Chamber of Commerce before speaking about some of the perceived barriers and neccessities for businesses for North-East Devolution.

After that Cllr. Iain Malcolm, the head of South Tyneside Council, spoke about what is currently going on at the local government side towards Devolution and emphasised that though it may seem like the council is currently letting it fall by the wayside they are actually working to get the best possible deal for the North East.

Following that was a question and answer session fielded by both speakers to give their views on the subject and to address and concerns from the audience.

Pictured - The networking session after the meeting.


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