ADLINK’s Gateshead Team Produces Core IoT Solution for Collaborative Efforts with Arrow Electronics and Microsoft

AMF member, ADLINK has joined forces with Arrow Electronics and Microsoft to launch an IoT solution to help industrial customers reduce costly unplanned production shutdowns by enabling machine condition monitoring.

The solution is the latest to come from Arrow’s IoT aggregation program and continues its efforts to help industrial companies quickly, securely and cost-effectively deploy and scale projects. ADLINK’s Edge IoT Solution for Machine Condition Monitoring includes integrated edge hardware and real-time data-streaming software built for data acquisition and vibration measurement applications to deliver continuous vibration monitoring for rotating machinery and equipment.

Although this initial release is happening in North America, the core of the ADLINK solution is developed in Gateshead, North East of England and can offer new possibilities to industrial customers here in the UK.

By enabling preventative maintenance of machinery, tooling, plant equipment and automation equipment, ADLINK’s solution provides fast and simple setup and configuration that is relevant to advanced manufacturing here in the North East and beyond.  The solution integrates data collection, vibration analysis algorithms, computation and network connection tasking in a single, ultra-compact edge device – ADLINK’s MCM-100.ADLINK General Manager Lawrence Ross said: “Working together with Arrow and Microsoft, ADLINK’s MCM-100 is helping manufacturers address the  need for effective equipment failure prevention, with a straightforward, scalable, solution for machine condition monitoring.”

Arrow integrated the hardware and cloud-based software to provide a complete, repeatable solution utilizing the industry-leading platforms from ADLINK and Microsoft.

Leveraging its network of IoT providers as well as its own internal experts, Arrow’s IoT program brings together both hardware and software to deliver market-ready solutions that fit companies’ individual needs. Arrow offers services, support, customer management and a single point for billing hardware and cloud services.

“Manufacturing companies need to get to proof of value in a fast, safe and cost-effective way,” says Ashish Parikh, vice president of IoT platforms and solutions at Arrow. “With the help of Microsoft’s platform, Arrow was able to provide additional services and resources to complement and connect ADLINK’s industrial Edge IoT solution so customers can reliably analyze and visualize real-time event data in the Azure Cloud.”

To find out more about ADLINK, visit here.

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