About Us

The Advanced Manufacturing Forum (AMF) is a membership network which was established by the private sector to offer a single voice on behalf of the manufacturing community.

We engage with members and the wider business community to exchange ideas and knowledge to create business growth and success opportunities within the manufacturing industry.

As the leading voice of manufacturing in the North East, the AMF’s objectives are to:

  • To support manufacturers in sustaining and growing their business
  • To advance the broader benefits of manufacturing throughout the region
  • To share best practice in key business areas including lean manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, sales, human resource, finance and the environment
  • Through collaborative working reduce the costs of services and materials
  • To promote the importance of a healthy workforce
  • To advocate, educate and collaborate with education establishments to prepare young people for a career in manufacturing
  • To establish manufacturing as an attractive, stimulating and rewarding career for young people

Membership is open to all North East based manufacturing organisations; and we also offer associate and educational memberships. The benefits of joining the AMF are extensive – become a member now or contact us for more information.